inspired by true stories of women lighthouse keepers in the 1800’s, this visually striking drama blends

psychological suspense, passion and

feminist revelation into a

story of quiet rebellion


The Lighthouse Project

Erica Fae is a mesmerizing storyteller”

 - The Huffington Post

Set on the rugged coast of Maine in 1870’s, we meet Abbie as she tends the light on behalf of her ailing husband.  Knowing that many want the coveted job of lighthouse-keeper, she works to keep the villagers in the dark about her husband’s absence from his post.  As a North Atlantic storm tests her resolve, a Swedish Boatman - en route to find his wife who left him for a better life in America - lands on the rocks and brings both scandal and support.  Secrets left in the Deep Waters unfold as we dive into the story of a woman fighting for her home, a man struggling to mend his past, an intimacy both shocking and surprising, and ultimately a question of who is saving whom.

images on this, ’history’, and ‘about us’ pages by danielle mourning.

Filmmaker : Erica Fae

Producer : Jane Applegate